Evil Apartment

  • adventure
  • horror
  • large
  • tough cookie
  • mystical
  • performance
  • none escape room

In the middle of the previous century people living in the apartment would often disappear. Later on the apartment burned down under unclear circumstances. As time passed by, the house was restored. The apartment was completely repaired and sold to a young man. No one has seen him for quite a while. He's either disappeared or moved out. This apartment is said to be «evil». Our neighbours complain about the noises coming from the apartment, and voices. They chalk it up to evil spirits raging inside and negative vibes. It's not a good place for a quest... So, we've decided to run tours.

  • 16+
  •  2-6
  •  60 min

from 600 руб. per person
for private escape room adventure

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 Гладилова, 55а, Казань

We have a strict 24 hour rescheduling policy. We do not offer any refunds or cancellations. All bookings are final. If you call to change your reservation less than 24 hours before your scheduled time or in case of no-show there will be no refund.

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