Mobile quest: Shanghai secret

  • detective
  • funny
  • mobile
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The special agent 007 and his true helpers managed to sneak into the van that runs in the streets. In the van the clients will enjoy forbidden fruits of the East. Meanwhile, the agents' task is to find something hidden in the room of the wheeled fleshpot. No one knows what it is. It may be a piece of ancient Chinese jewelry, a secret weapon or a hard drug that can make the whole army get crazy. Whatever it is – the special agents desperately need it.

Your guests will appreciate a sudden change of scenery, an opportunity to try themselves and enjoy the beauty of Her Majesty the Logic. A mobile quest can be a perfect gift to your friends, collegues and relatives. It's a high-quality entertainment for office and corporate events or weddings. It can be arranged even in your hallway… We are getting closer!

  • 16+
  •  2-4
  •  60 min

from ₽12000 per team

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