Saint Angelo’s Castle

  • adventure
  • historical
  • mystical
  • escape room

The Dungeon of St. Angelo’s Castle is a place of great horror. Thousands of innocent victims of the Great Inquisition have spent their last hour in this very dungeon. Every prisoner sentenced to capital punishment was given the chance to save their own life. They were each locked in this dungeon filled with puzzles and mystical secrets for one hour. If they were unable to make it out, they were killed in the most horrible ways. Historians say that only one person managed to escape this gloomy place. He was a sculptor that reached the heights of the jewel craft. No one else has been able to make it out. The spirits of St. Angelo’s Dungeon now await your arrival. Escape within the hour or your soul will forever walk among them.

  • 16+
  •  2-5
  •  60 min

from 12€ per person
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