Mobile quest: the Bootleggers

  • for two
  • funny
  • mobile
  • escape room
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It's a funny story with well-known characters, i.e. Trus, Balbes and Byvaly .

In the course of the «Bottleache» police operation, Byvaly and the brewing machine disappear. Trus and Balbes find their friend who is barely alive and begging them to give him a bit more of the homebrew made by a secret recipe or he will die in 10 minutes. The magical brewing machine is kept in the barn. Well…. In the name of friendship you´ve taken the risk to find the brew and save your friend.

"Your guests will appreciate a sudden change of scenery, an opportunity to try themselves and enjoy the beauty of Her Majesty the Logic. A mobile quest can be a perfect gift to your friends, collegues and relatives. It's a high-quality entertainment for office and corporate events or weddings. It can be arranged even in your hallway... We are getting closer!"

  • 21+
  •  1-3
  •  10 min

from ₽200 per team

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