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  • Each escape room is filled with high-tech puzzles
  • All decorations inside our adventures are custom made
  • You’ll live inside each story like heroes in a blockbuster movie

Why an escape room is a perfect teambuilding activity?

encourages creativity
and problem-solving skills

fun, dynamic,
engaging adventure

requires communication,
collaboration and trust

Fantastic atmosphere and emotions. We will surprise you!

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Our escape rooms

Dive into the world of adventure and discover something new about yourself and your team!

Saint Angelo's Castle

Escape from captivity under the guidance of your faith in Saint Angelo's Castle, an Inquisition-era dungeon that no heretic has ever bested

  • - perfect to test your teammates
  • - most popular escape room in the world
  • - was built in 32 cities around the globe!

Doctor Frankenstein

Uncover the mystery of the disappearance of Dr. Johann Dippel by exploring his abandoned Victorian laboratory in the steampunk adventure of Dr. Frankenstein.

  • - amazing steampunk decorations
  • - antique furniture, the real spirit of Victorian Britain
  • - more than £120.000 of total budget spent!

The Impossible Murder Mystery.

Biggest escape room in London. Brilliantly tricky story with a lot of spooky props.

  • - biggest escape room in London
  • - horrible hair raising experience.
  • - for strong-minded teams only

The Maze of Hakaina.

Most awarded escape room in the world. 2018 Best Venue Escape Authority. 2019 The USA's Best Escape Game Escape Authority.

  • - 🥇 2017 Golden Lock-In award for the best scenario.
  • - 🥈 2018 Best Venue Escape Authority.
  • - 🥉 2019 The USA's Best Escape Game Escape Authorit

We have a few options to ensure that your experience is tailored specifically for your needs and to guarantee that your event is the best that it can possibly be.

At our Covent Garden location (181 Drury Lane WC2B 5QF), we have two escape rooms: 🕯 St Angelo’s Castle & ⌛️ Dr Frankenstein.

Our St Angelo’s Castle room is a linear, spooky and immersive medieval dungeon adventure.

Our Dr Frankenstein room is a more family-friendly and 1920’s Steampunk themed room.

Each of our games here last one hour. We can accommodate up to 5 people in St Angelo’s Castle, and up to 6 in our Dr Frankenstein room.

We can put one group in each room every hour. For example, if you have a group of 20 in your party, we can split the team into four groups of 5. Two of these groups will start playing each room and then an hour later, the other two teams will get to play.

We can accommodate for groups of any size, but you will need to ensure that you have booked out the correct amount of time slots. For example, a team of 50 would take 5 hours to play, and would therefore need to book out 5 time slots for each room, one after the other.

But what are you going to do while we wait for the team before you to finish?

Being located in Covent Garden, we are in the heart of central London, and are within a short walking distance of some of the most famous and award winning restaurants, bars, cafe’s and pubs that London can offer. We can offer up recommendations to some of our personal favourites, and even have parking nearby, and are within a 5 minute walk from the tube station.

Over at our Vauxhall location (104 Tinworth street, SE11 5EQ), we have our two biggest escape room adventures, that are a new generation of escape room experience: 🔦 The Impossible Murder Mystery & 🧧 The Maze of Hakaina.

The Impossible Murder Mystery is a horror themed escape room, and is one of the biggest in London.

The Maze of Hakaina is a Japanese maze that was voted the USA’s number one escape room in 2018 & 2019.

Over at Vauxhall, we can do things slightly differently. Whilst each game lasts one hour, we can let groups enter every 20 minutes to play. For example, if you have a group of 20 in your party, we can split the team into four groups of 5.

Two of these groups will start playing each room and then twenty minutes later, the next two teams can start.

As well as letting teams in every twenty minutes, for example if you have large event for 30 people all adventure will take 2 hours for you .

There are many other reasons to pick our Vauxhall location for your event. Our lobby area is big enough to accommodate for the rest of your team while you wait for your slot (or after you’ve finished your game and wait for the others!) Bring your own drinks and relax while you wait! Otherwise we are located next to some beautiful pubs, restaurants and cafes.

Sunny day? Head to the vast greenery nearby and enjoy a picnic. Don’t worry about getting to us - we have private parking right outside or we’re a short walk away from Vauxhall tube station.

About us

Komnata is a global franchise network with more than 100 escape room adventures all over the world. Our flagship London branch, located in the heart of the Covent Garden, has been welcoming guests since 2018. Creating extraordinary adventures is our specialty.

We pride ourselves on having state of the art technology that takes best escape room experiences beyond just keys and combination locks.

In every adventure you move from one amazing room to the next. You live through our adventures like heroes in a blockbuster movie.

Our achievements

2019 The USA's Best Escape Game
Escape Authority

2018 Best Venue
Escape Authority

2017 The USA's #1 Escape Room Chain
USA's Today

2016 Golden Lock-In Awards
Room Escape Artists

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