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up to $30.000potential revenue for one location

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Escape room is a new type of modern entertainment

Participants have 60 minutes to complete the challenge

The main goal is to unravel the mystery of Komnata and find the way out

It’s like a Hollywood blockbuster, except that you are the star

About us

"Komnata" is an international project hosted in Europe, US and Russia, started in 2014. We create the network that will become an industry standard.

  • 12countries all over the world
  • 13 cities
  • 36 strong partners
  • 5 locations
  • 57 games opened

Artem Kramin, founder

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A scenario determines the success of the product that you offer. Boring games will not survive.

Scenarios are prepared for your specific space, based on its advantages, design features, your budget.

We collaborate with a team of experienced screenwriters. They write fresh and hot scenarios that motivate our guests to come back to another locations of the project.

Cooperation benefits:

We are looking for like-minded people, not capital. It's important for us to work together to build a successful business.

  • Consulting with rent

    We help you choose and organize the space, as well as prepare the location for launch.

  • Writing scripts

    We prepare individual script corresponding to the specifics of your room.

  • Launching

    We can help you with prop development. We reccomend testing the script. Train staff by testing games.

  • Setting up CRM and online booking

    Add a new location to our website and database.

  • Helping with promotion

    We provide a marketing plan, access to layouts, patterns and promotional products: posters, flyers, banners, etc.

  • Striving for excellence

    We apply high quality standards to the scenarios, advertising materials, locations and constantly improve them.

Feedback from our franchisees

I understood that it would be a crime to keep watching from the sidelines.

I watched the project for a while and saw how within several months the Komnata quest project transformed from a small basement in Kazan into a large network with a dozen offices across Russia. I understood that it would be a crime to keep watching from the sidelines. In December I launched my first quest, ‘“When the Clock Strikes Twelve”, and I’m now finishing a second one. Two more are in the pipeline.

Andrey Akhmetzyanov

I had no doubts about getting involved.

From the very beginning I perceived that the idea was noteworthy. I had no doubts about getting involved. I saw examples of similar types of entertainment in Europe. There it is still in its infancy I like the Komnata quest project for the lack of compromises in its implementation. If we say “demons,” we mean they are two meters tall and able to speak. If we say “flying saucer,” – we mean it will fly.

Anna Sagdatzianva


The amount of the franchise fee is individual for every franchisee and depends on the city size, the number of locations to be launched, etc.

To become a new partner of "Komnata" quest project you have to sign a franchising agreement and pay an initial fee. The cost includes a script for one game.

Operating on a regular basis, project members pay a fee of 10% of gross revenue. The fees will help us to arrange support for all the branches.

How to begin the joining process

Please read the detailed presentation and call us +1 (347) 551 4808

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