Chinese jewelry box

  • detective
  • kids-friendly
  • beginners
  • brooklyn
  • escape room

So you think you’ve become the Master of the great escape, Young Grasshopper? You have much to learn from your Sensei’s final exam. Test your skills as you immerse yourself into Sensei's remote lodgings. Dig through a trove of ancient treasures of the orient, zodiacal tokens, mystical crystals, puzzles that only Confucius could master, and perhaps the answers to all of Sensei's questions.The ancient Masters have left much wisdom in history for us to discover. A room suitable for the youngest grasshoppers, endowed with magic, mysticism and ancient secrets, a student may be transformed into a Master within the Chinese Jewelery Box.

  • 10+
  •  2-6
  •  60 min

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